California's Golf Cart Laws

What are California’s Golf Cart Laws?

Since we primarily sell golf carts and are located in California, we are going to stick to the laws that pertain to these types of vehicles for only this state.


Do I need to register my golf cart?

If the golf cart is being operated on a highway designated for such use by ordinance or resolution within one mile of a golf course, then no.

You may NOT operate on a road with a speed limit above 25 mph except by ordinance or resolution by a local authority.


Required Golf Cart Equipment

In order to operate your golf cart, your golf cart must meet the required equipment standards established by the California Highway Patrol. Along with actually having the equipment, you must also submit the Statement of Facts (REG 256) [...]

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This past Saturday (November 14th) we participated in the PGA Tour Superstore’s Cart Carnival in Palm Desert, CA. It was a great community event with live music, BBQ, and featured golf carts from around the Coachella Valley!
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